October 06.2021

Thunderbirds with Piotrek Krajewski and Antek Faszczewski

Mountain biking is all about your limits. The more difficult trails you ride the bigger fun you may have if shred it with a well-designed frame!

Before we decided to launch the Thunderbird frame for mass production, it not only passed a series of tests on a load machine, where the overloads were much greater than required by the standards but it was also strictly tested on the toughest trails of many European enduro races by our team rider Marcin Motyka - a legend of the Polish bicycle scene. Another period of testing was including uncompromised shredding in the Austrian, Czech and Polish bike parks, where our R&D Jan Kiliński was checking the strength of the frame on the high drops and long jumps.

Check out this short video from Bikepark Chatel with Piotrek Krajewski and Antek Faszczewski riding Thunderbirds FR.

With this frame, you can Shred Like Thunder!