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Kraja reflections on his 15-year journey with Dartmoor-Bikes

... and it all started with jumping off curbs, then flights downstairs, and the first hop ...   Fifteen years have passed since Piotrek "Kraja" Krajewski embarked on his journey with Dartmo...

Olaf Odziomek 2023 highlights!

Olaf has been riding E-Thunderbird and Thunderbird CF Pro 29 for a long time and absolutely loves it!

Catch his video mash-up from 2023 and watch out for his scraps in 2024!

Ride your way!

Dartmoor e-Thunderbird - podsumowanie, ebike, Shimano EP8

A few words summarizing after riding the Endurofina on Dartmoor e-Thunderbird throughout the entire season.