May 20.2021


Marek Maro Łebek, one of the most aggressive Dirt Jumper in Poland, is testing the limits of Dartmoor Two6Player Bike, and show some real bangers at his local spot.

For those who are familiar with the Dirt Jumping scene in Poland, Marek Maro Łebek needs no introductions. For those who not - just a few fords describing him as a rider.

Crazy, Hardcore, No fear, limitless, talented – This is Maro.

His adventure with bikes began while he was still a teenager, stoked with older mates showing how to Jump on a local bike park built on their own. Maro was addicted to adrenaline and risky tricks from the begging, so Dirt Jumping was exactly what he was looking for. Something fun to burn off energy. Then the first contests started, one by one he started to discover new spots, fulfilled with riders with the same passion – all these things mixed up together gave Maro a true boost to learn more tricks, do it better, and work harder every day.

Maro was known as a person who is not afraid of any failures and always wants to step outside his comfort zone & push it to the next level. Being sometimes too risky ended with a short break and a knee injury. But now he is back in the game, joining Dartmoor Team once again. He is stronger, and still definitely one of the most aggressive dirt jumpers in Poland. Now his motivation to be better….. (yyy nope, for him still not enough)…. to be the best is so big that could be enough for a whole football team.

Shortly about the edit. It was hot! Not only because the temperate was higher than usual at this time in Poland (over 35 C). Also because Maro showed crazy tricks that he didn’t perform before. You can see – he is ready. Just before a few contests like Baltic Games and Heat Games being a part of the FMB World Tour, he wants to show us what he has, what tricks he can perform, and how crazy he is.

Definitely worth watching!