August 13.2018

Bluebird 29 - From Sierra Nevada's Peaks to the Mediterranean Sea

The south of the Iberian Peninsula is a place where riders from all over Europe escape to when they are sick and tired of winter and snow. Parallel to the southern shore of Spain, mountains called the Baetic System spread together with the Sierra Nevada range creating a land full of spectacular views. This region is not filled with typical Enduro trails, but there are countless gravel trails that allow you to go on an adventure by trail bike.
The entire trip down from the Sierra Nevada to the shoreline of Costa del Sol is about 70 km (43.5 miles). The diversity of nature, shapes of the terrain and ground gives you pure joy while riding a trail bike. From scenic views to flowy trails, this region offers it all. The route, however, is not only descents. Between the summits of the Sierra Nevada and the coastline, we have to cope with one lower mountain range. But it’s a perfect challenge for a 130mm travel trail bike with 29" wheels like Dartmoor Bluebird 29 used here by Piotrek Kraja Krajewski.

Rider: Piotr "Kraja" Krajewski