October 15.2015

Whistler with Szymon Godziek

Szymon Godziek definitely broke into this league of extraordinary gentleman last year with series of outstanding performances on FMB World Tour events. Winning several best tricks, including worlds first backflip tsunami in front of 60.000 audience at Red Bull District Ride in Nurnberg gave him a bunch of serious reasons to compete with all the biggest names.
But... Spinning around and clickin’ tricks in the city center is not what mountain biking is all about and not what it was made for. The main goal for Szaman last year was not only surviving but competing the Rampage for the first time in a lifetime. This one of a kind, most demanding in the world venue needs some super powers and balls bigger than your head to go through it. This big R was the reason why the polish crew went to explore Whistler hills and kill the lines on a Dartmoor Roots.