July 14.2023


Once the dust and mud have settled down after DH Championships, it is a perfect time to recap the true racing made by Dartmoor Enduro Team at the Polish Enduro Championships in Czarna Góra, Poland. Over the past weekend, we have witnessed a performance of pure enduro skills by Olaf Odziomek and his carbon weapon Thunderbird CF, Marcin Motyka with his electric beast, the E-Thunderbird CF e-bike, and our Peter Pan- Piotrek Krajewski flying with the freeride version of the Thunderbird FR. After 2 days of racing and five special stages to complete - the prologue and for e-bikes' so-called Power Stage to run on Saturday, and four stages on Sunday - guys as always have done solid work that pays off with the results of: 

4th place for Marcin Motyka in the E-Bike Open category,
9th place for Olaf Odziomek in the Elite category,
7th place for Piotrek Krajewski in the Hobby Full category. 

What a racing mode on guys, don't stop shredding like Thunders! ⚡⚡
As always #RideYourWay!

📸 M.Habrat.Photo/ Bebok Photo